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At Woodmoor Family Dentistry, our compassionate dental professionals comprehend that accidents and unanticipated damage happen which can jeopardize your oral health. We provide attentive emergency dental care to alleviate any dental injuries or infection that you may be suffering from. Disregarding your damaged or infected teeth could put you at risk of spreading infection outwards to other regions, increasing your level of pain, and worsening your overall quality of health.

Emergency Dental Services Offered

Our highly experienced team is trained to provide exceptional trauma and rehabilitative care to help preserve the oral and overall health of our patients. With our swift intervention and life-saving procedures, you can rest assured that we at Woodmoor Family Dentistry will work tirelessly to ensure the prevention of irreversible damage from occurring.

The emergency dental services we offer include:

Dental Abscesses - Treatment varies depending on the severity and size, but it can involve a combination of pus and decay debridement, antibiotic therapy, root canal therapy, and even complete extraction if necessary.

Lost Fillings & Dental Crowns in Monument - We provide repairs for any lost or broken fillings and crowns, and if for some reason they are un-salvageable we can produce a complete personalized replacement.

Dental Mouth Injuries - Chipped, broken or fractured teeth and severe toothaches generally require an extraction procedure, as well as possible restoration options including fillings, crowns, or veneers.

Emergency Services - All Services we provide for Emergencies;

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We are located at the East corner of 1-25 and Hwy 105. Just behind Woodmoor Lake and at the base of Monument Hill.


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